Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Using The StarCAVE On Recharge

For general information on the Calit2 StarCAVE visit the Immersive Visualization Lab website.

Facility use charges as approved by UCSD for use of the Atkinson Hall StarCAVE facility are:

Day Use (8 am - 5 pm weekdays)

  • $210/hr UC internal rate
  • $304/hr external rate

Night Use* (5 pm to 12 midnight; 12 midnight - 7 am)
*Night use rates do not include any technical aupport.

  • $140/hr UC internal rate
  • $203/hr external rate

UCSD internal rates apply to usage fees charged to a University of California Index

Reservations AND CANCELLATIONS are self-serve on a first come, first serve basis via the Calit2 EMS reservation system. Reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the start of the reservation OR YOUR INDEX WILL BE CHARGED.

There is a minimum charge of ½ hour per use.

To be established as a StarCAVE user please send an email to and provide:

  • Your full name (last and first)
  • Your email
  • The Index* to which your use of the StarCAVE facility should be billed.

If you are not the holder of the Index you also must provide

  • An email from the Index holder authorizing you to bill StarCAVE usage fees to the Index

Requests to use the StarCAVE are subject to approval. After approval an email will be sent asking you to submit an account request at the Calit2 EMS reservations website.Your account will be setup and activated and you will be notified by email when your account is ready for use.

**PLEASE NOTE** the ability to book the StarCAVE may not mean you are able to GET INTO the StarCAVE. StarCAVE access is separately managed, as is after-hours access to Atkinson Hall. It is the responsibility of anyone making a booking to make sure they are physically able to access the StarCAVE room during the time for which they have reserved the room, and that they have made arrangements for all required support.

For further information about the StarCAVE special facility contact Calit2 Reservations.

*If you are not a UCSD-affiliate please contact Calit2 Reservations. for directions on how to be set up as a StarCAVE facility user.