Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Atkinson Hall Building Access Policies

Building Access
Atkinson Hall is controlled by the Johnson Controls Security System, and building access is administered through your UCSD issued ID card by Calit2's Operations Staff. Normal building hours are from Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm, excluding UCSD holidays. Individuals needing access outside of normal building hours will need to request access rights through our Building Access Request form. Unsupervised access to the building outside of normal building hours is authorized solely for the purpose of completing work related to the individual's employment. Undergraduate students may only be granted access during building hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm) unless explicitly approved by the student's supervisor.

Your Employee ID Card is the equivalent of a key for entrance into the building after normal hours of operation. It is for the sole use of the holder and is NOT TRANSFERABLE. Misuse of the card or other failure to follow proper security procedures may result in the forfeiture of ID card usage for building access.

Building access policies are designed to insure that everyone feels safe and secure while at Atkinson Hall. Your full and respectful cooperation with staff responsible for implementing the access policies is essential for achieving these purposes.

Requestors should complete the Online Building Access Request Form. In the event that the online form is not accessible, requestors may email Building access requestors must be affiliated with a Calit2 group or project in order to be granted access.

All requestors are to have their building access request approved by their group/space contact or supervisor. Upon certification of access rights, Calit2 Operations staff will process the building access request and notify the requestor and their group/space contact within 2-3 business days. Unapproved building access request will not be processed.

Visitor Cards
Calit2 has a limited number of visitor ID cards for non-UCSD affiliates who are requesting access to the building for a short-term basis. Visitors will need to have a valid business reason for having access to the building, and their access request will need to be approved. Visitor cards may not be checked out for longer than a week's period, and will require a $15 cash deposit per card. The $15 deposit will be returned to the visitor when the card is returned back to the Calit2 Operations staff. All visitors must abide to the Building Access Policies.

Building Standards
All individuals with access are expected to follow general safety and security guidelines. For after hours access, the individual and/or group/space contact is liable for any damage or loss incurred in the room or facility. In the case that any items are stolen or damaged, the individual(s) who last accessed the room before damage occurred may be held responsible, with the possibility of disciplinary action. Access holders are expected to close doors behind them to ensure security and to keep other individuals from entering the building if they are not access holders.

Do not prop open any doors at Atkinson Hall as it raises a security concern. For the doors that have card readers, it is imperative that the doors remain close to conserve the battery operation.

In the event of an emergency, safely exit the building and notify the Atkinson Hall Facilities Manager or the Campus Police department. For after hour emergencies, please contact the Campus Police department. The Campus Police can be reached at 9-1-1 on landline phones or 858-534-HELP on cell phones. Please refer to the following phone numbers for respective problems: Campus Emergency Status Information (888) 308-8273 Environment, Health & Safety (858) 534-3660 Facilities Management (858) 534-2930.

Lost or Stolen ID Cards
Notify the Calit2 Operations staff immediately if your campus ID card is lost or stolen. Since building access is encrypted onto the barcode of the card, lost or stolen ID cards jeopardize the security of Atkinson Hall. Notification of lost or stolen ensures the safety and security of all access holders. Access holders are responsible for getting their own replacement ID card if lost or stolen.

Failure to comply with any Atkinson Hall or UCSD policies including damage to Atkinson Hall or UCSD property or conducting activities that infringe on the rights of other building occupants may result in cancellation of access, charges and/or referral to other campus agencies for appropriate action.