Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Atkinson Hall Meeting Room Reservation and Use Policies

Subject to the Atkinson Hall General Reservation and Use Policies, use of the Atkinson Hall meeting rooms is open to all members of the UCI and UCSD campus communities regardless of discipline, department, or unit.

  • Meeting rooms must be reserved prior to use via the Calit2 EMS reservation system or by submitting a meeting room reservation request and receiving a reservation confirmation. Approval of a meeting room reservation request is not guaranteed.
  • Anyone using a meeting room without a confirmation may be asked to leave. Meeting Room reservations not in active use for a meeting are subject to cancelation.
  • Meeting rooms requested via a meeting room reservation request submission must provide a meeting host. Meeting hosts must be staff or faculty with the University of California. Meeting hosts must provide an Index against which to bill Calit2 service charges in case they occur. Meeting hosts accept full responsibility for the following:
    • Providing or arranging for access to the meeting room for all participants
    • Notifying the Calit2 Front Desk immediately if the meeting room is not found in appropriate condition upon arrival.
    • Making sure all food and beverages are removed from the room at the end of the meeting
    • Making sure all trash receptacles containing food are placed outside the meeting room in the hallway at the end of the meeting
    • Returning the furnishings and video teleconference (VTC) units in the room to their standard configuration
    • Erasing whiteboards, returning instruction cards and remote control units to the tables, and generally ensuring the room is left in a condition conducive to use by the next group
  • If host or other services must be provided to a meeting by Calit2 staff standard staff service charges will be applied via recharge to the host's Index.
  • Any activity which uses one or more of the Atkinson Hall meeting rooms for 4 or more hours becomes an EVENT and must be submitted for approval to the Atkinson Hall facilities use committee as an event request. Space and other such charges as appropriate to the event will accrue. Visit the Event Services webpage for pricing and the Event Request Form. Approval of an event request is not guaranteed.
  • Meeting hosting or other meeting room services such as AV support or special equipment or furniture arrangements may be requested by submitting a meeting room service request form. All service requests are subject to review and must be approved before a request can be confirmed. Approval of a meeting room service request is not guaranteed.

Due to the high demand for use of our facilities, we reserve the right to prioritize use as provided in the Atkinson Hall general reservation and use policies.

Final authority to approve use of facilities in Atkinson Hall rests with the Division Director and his or her delegates, including any exceptions to Atkinson Hall reservation and use policies. The Atkinson Hall Facilities Use Committee is a standing committee appointed by the Division Director.