Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Atkinson Hall General Reservation and Use Policies

Use of the Atkinson Hall public spaces is open to all members of the UCI and UCSD campus communities regardless of discipline, department or unit, subject to the following:

  • Users of Atkinson Hall facilities should be involved in activities that are relevant to and advance the mission of the Calit2 Institute or further the research, education, and public service missions of the University of California.
  • Use of Atkinson Hall facilities may be subject to facilities charges ("recharge") based on rates approved by the appropriate UCSD recharge and review committees.
  • No activity for which registration is made through the UCSD Registrar is permitted to use Atkinson Hall public spaces.
  • Student organizations are not permitted to use the Atkinson Hall public spaces except by Department sponsorship. Departments wishing to sponsor use by a student organization must submit a letter of support for the student organization, provide an index number for fees, and sign the Atkinson Hall Facilities Use Agreement on the behalf of the student organization.
  • Activities held in Atkinson Hall should have their location listed as "Atkinson Hall."
  • Activities held in Atkinson Hall should not be advertised as being sponsored by Calit2 or UCSD without explicit written permission. Use of the Calit2 logo or name on signs or material must be approved by Calit2 staff.
  • Due to the high demand for use of our facilities, we reserve the right to prioritize use according to the following criteria:
    • Use by and for [UC personnel affiliated with Calit2] (popup definition: "UC personnel affiliated with Calit2 as defined by one of the following criteria: projects funded directly or indirectly by Calit2 or for projects funded by grants administered by Calit2 or housed in Atkinson Hall")
    • Use closely aligned with the Atkinson Hall Public Spaces Statement of Purpose
    • Activities that utilize the unique technical capabilities of Atkinson Hall

Final authority to approve use of facilities in Atkinson Hall rests with the Division Director and his or her delegates, including any exceptions to Atkinson Hall reservation and use policies.

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