Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Reservation Form

Please fill out this form to request building/space/room/lab access for Atkinson Hall. Access needs to be approved before you are allowed to work in Atkinson Hall, even for those spaces that are accessible without key cards. Approval of your access request will automatically result in your UCSD card being programmed into our system, such that you can enter the spaces you have been approved for.

Space you are requesting access to:

End date of access (mm/dd/yyyy). If no end date is provided, undergraduate students’ access will end at the end of the quarter and graduate students’ will end at the end of the academic year.

(If Applicable)

Personal information:

Last Name : First Name : M.I. :

Check here for Non-UCSD

Review and accept the agreements

By clicking on 'Send ' below you are agreeing to the Building Access Policies